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      Call 911 in an Emergency ! 
   OFID Events - 2015:

   6/20    Fire Dist. #9 Sta. 93 Nine Mile Falls
   6/23    Fire Dist. #9 Sta. 98 Morgan Acres
   7/10    Valley YMCA Healthy Kids 5:30-8:30
   7/11    Fire Dist. #9 Sta. 99 Country Homes
   7/16    Fire Dist. #9 Sta. 96 Forker Rd.
   7/18    Fire Dist. #9 Sta. 91 Hastings Rd.
   8/5     Target Nat’l Nite Out 1-3 inside
   8/15    Fire Dist. #9 Sta. 94 Strong Rd.
   8/21    We Heart Deer Park North
   9/26    The Hub
   9/26    Home Depot Valley Safety Days 10-2

    Operation Family ID Meeting Minutes - May 7, 2015
      View/ Print OFID Brochure
Operation Family ID is a community service of Spokane County and the City of Spokane. Our mission is to have all children or any person who has the potential to wander off or become missing have identification.

A S.C.O.P.E. volunteer takes a digital photo, saves it on a disk and gives it to the parent or guardian for safekeeping. It is recommended the photo be updated annually.

Fingerprints are put on the card and included in the packet given to the parent or guardian.


In the event your loves one is missing, provide this packet containing the disk and fingerprint card to local law enforcement only. If the situation meets the criteria of the Amber Plan, the information can be placed on the Emergency Alert System (EAS). 




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